Meet Kimbie

“Motivated by the Northern Rockies and our hearts, we find ourselves grounded in Montana. Here we concentrate on present and mindful living, giving art the ability to invigorate and heal us.”

Based in Bozeman, Montana and growing up along the coast of California, Kimbie is an impressionist artist who exclusively uses palette knives and uniquely thick paint to create dimensional fine art with extreme texture. Her paintings embody her love for the wonder and force she finds in nature. It is outside, either in the mountains or by the ocean where she finds healing, her peace, and inspiration. Bear Painting Painting Studio   

Big art under the Big Sky.

Art is a big part of meaning. It should stir curiosity. It can promote wanderlust. When my heavy textured acrylic strokes find meaning with the viewer, that is the ultimate gift of hope for me. It is the connection between artist and art lover that can enhance our lives with significance and meaning.